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Mixing Up the Tunes with Apple iPod Shuffle


While you could certainly consider something like a Samsung YP-S3 MP3 Player as a viable gift for your mother, she may not understand the “cool” factor that goes along with a gift like that. However, she will be instantly drawn to the “wow this thing is absolutely tiny” factor of the all-new Apple iPod shuffle.

The Cupertino-sourced music player can be clipped just about anywhere, maybe it a suitable companion for afternoon jogs, trips to the gym, or even strolls through the supermarket. It may not have a display or conventional controls, but it does have a nifty text-to-speech feature that’ll read out the song titles and artist names.


The iPod shuffle features 4GB of storage, giving you enough room for up to 1000 songs. You also get inline controls and your choice of silver or black. It sells for $79.

If you think Apple’s offering might be a little too daunting for your mom, you can consider a “transitional” MP3 player like the Sansa slotMusic from SanDisk. It uses preloaded microSD cards instead allowing you to send Mom an “I love you” mix if that floats your boat.

Displaying Priceless Memories with Digital Frames

It seems like all moms like photo albums, flipping through all those priceless memories from your childhood. Do you remember your first bike ride? Mom probably has a pic of that. Do you remember that vacation to Disneyland? That was documented too. Well, it’s time to take some family photos into the 21st century.


Jumping into nearly any electronics store will yield a good variety of digital picture frames. Since everyone is taking pictures using digital cameras these days, it doesn’t make as much sense to make physical prints anymore. A digital frame is just so much more convenient and immediate.

As you shop around for different photo frames, consider paying the little bit of extra money to get a Wi-Fi enabled unit. This way, pictures can be uploaded to the frame over the air, possibly integrated with your Flickr photostream. A good option is the wireless Internet photo frame from D-Link (about $220).

Even Mom Knows How to Stay Connected


If Marge Simpson can figure out how to Google herself, there’s still hope for your mom if she hasn’t already embraced the allure of technology. From broom-shredding blenders to remarkably small music players, there’s a gadget out there for every mom.¬†Also be sure to check out our guide to budget-minded gifts if you’re looking to save a few bucks this time around.

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