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Blending Rakes and iPhones with Tom Dickson


Fruit smoothies are great for a hot summer day. A fresh butternut squash soup is fantastic during the winter months. Those are all well and good, but what’s the best way to produce them? With a super powerful blender, of course, and there is no blender more powerful than a Blendtec blender.

You may already be familiar with the Blendtec blenders thanks to the YouTube series of “Will It Blend?” videos featuring Blendtec’s own Tom Dickson. Whether dear old ma wants to make a protein shake or she just wants to crush some ice, the Blendtec blender will do the job. She can blend a few rakes and iPhones along the way too, though Tom Dickson tells us not to try this at home.


I had the opportunity to meet Tom Dickson during CES 2009, as well as see a live demonstration of the Blendtec blender in action. This thing is remarkably loud, but oh man is it strong. No gadget-worthy kitchen is complete without this monster of a blender. Your mom’ll love it.

The Blendtec Total Blender is priced at $399.95. More information can be found at BlendTec.

Keeping Nice and Clean with Roomba Robots

Jimmy! Why can’t you ever clean up after yourself? You’ve got more than dust bunnies; you’ve got giant dust buffalo!


Part of Mother’s Day has to do with making your mom’s life just that much easier for her. You could try to take on more of the household chores and volunteer to assist her with some random tasks throughout the year, but why not consider the gift that keeps on giving? Why volunteer to vacuum the house just once when the Roomba can do it for you all year long?

The Roomba line of robotic vacuum cleaners is probably one of the greatest inventions of all-time, cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors with the greatest of ease. I know this will sound like an infomercial, but you really can set it and forget it when it comes to the Roomba.


Did you know that Roombas also have a secondary purpose above and beyond vacuuming your home? In case you missed it, be sure to check out this YouTube video of a cat riding the Roomba. There’s also a video up on YouTube of someone controlling the Roomba with the Wii Balance Board. See how everything in this Mother’s Day gift guide ties together?

The iRobot family of Roomba vacuuming robots sells for about $200-$400 each.

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