This June, Mini ITX builders will have yet another innovative and unique chassis to cram all their components into. When we heard about the DEEPCOOL TriStellar back at CES 2015, the company wasn’t even sure if there was a market for it. But after OEMs started to test build the case, and the excitement started to percolate, the company had no choice, but to offer to everyone. Now, just a few months later, DEEPCOOL is finally ready to present, the TriStellar chassis globally.

The DEEPCOOL TriStellar will launch around the COMPUTEX 2015 timeframe, and will retail for $399.99 US, which is not horrible at all, when you compare it to the likes of the In Win S-Frame, which still sits in as one of the most costly cases on the market at around $799 US, right behind their other case, the  In Win Tou, which retails for well above $1000 US. It’s definitely not your cheap sub $100 case, with a lot of thought going into the construction of the case, from cable routing, to thermals, to materials.

If you want to get your hands on the DEEPCOOL TriStellar, expect to wait, if you’re not one of the first to get it as quantities will be limited for a special case like this.

For more information on this, and other DEEPCOOL products, you can check out their site.


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