It’s the dead of night in your home. The lights are out, save for the ambient glow of device LEDs and the street lights and moon light penetrating your windows. For many, it’s already a creepy scenario, but at least you know there’s really nothing there to be afraid of. That is until now.

Announcements for head mounted display products aren’t new, but they tend to be for full immersion virtual reality experiences. So far we’ve only seen two announcements for augmented reality products, products that overlay virtual elements onto your real environment. This is the second announcement, and it comes in the form of a survival horror game played on your smartphone. Night Terrors is an Indiegogo-funded game app that overlays horror elements onto the mundane structure of your personal domicile. Now personally I’m not the biggest fan of horror films, so I have really only one reaction.

However, the demo footage that Novum Analytics has on their Indiegogo page looks very promising. The app appears to use every tool, feature, and resource available on your smartphone to create the virtual horror show. This includes using the camera and mic to make a virtual layout of your environment, setting off the LEDs and vibration function when an event occurs, and even modifying your reality to show a picture hanging on your wall just dropping into nothingness. Using this technology with something like the Samsung Gear VR could make for an very useful augmented reality head mounted display.

The app isn’t available for purchase yet, as it’s still in funding and development stages. However you can throw a few bucks into the pot, as the team is looking for $70,000 US in total funding. In the meantime, you can check out their crowdfunding video above.

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