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For the past few Corsair Flash Voyager reviews, we have used a benchmarking program called HD Tach. Here are the benchmarks for this Corsair Flash Voyager32GB Flash Voyager

Based on the benchmark, the software put down the following numbers as indicated by the graph above:

  • Random Access: 2.5ms
  • CPU Utilization: 8% (+/-2%)
  • Average Read: 22.5 MB/s
  • Burst Speed: 23.9 MB/s

Some of you may have noticed that the results from our original Corsair Voyager 8GB Drive Review posted in February 2007 was almost 50% faster than the current 32GB version. Why is that? As mentioned in our review of the GT version back in July 2007, Corsair did a run of the GT version disguised as the regular blue version. If you were lucky enough to get one of these before they officially launched the GT you got yourself a deal; a Flash Voyager GT at the price of a regular Flash Voyager!

Final Thoughts

The 32 GB version is still durable, and can handle some rough handling. Cosmetically, there is no difference between the new and the old. The obvious difference and the advantage from last year’s model is the 32GB memory capacity. If you need to really carry around 32GB worth of stuff in your pocket, then get one of these drives and call it a day. They will perform wonderfully for you day in and day out, and if it doesn’t then exercise the 10 year limited warrantee.

The designers and engineers at Corsair still haven’t acted on my criticisms from last year. I am still not too thrilled with the rubber cap with no dongle. You would be amazed how many times you will misplace this thing, and the cheesy cheap lanyard? Give us something better already! All in all another solid product from Corsair but the design is starting to fall behind efforts from other companies.


  • 32 GB memory capacity!
  • Durable, shock resistant, water resistant
  • Price is fair for the memory capacity, portability and features
  • Great for traveling or people that are hard on their gear
  • 10 year limited warrantee


  • Flash Voyager need performance information on the packaging
  • The rubber cap needs a dongle or some way to attach it to the main body!
  • Cheap, thin, flimsy, non matching color lanyard

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

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