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Whether you’re looking for a crazy Halo 3 deathmatch or the ability to buddy up with another superstar in Rock Band, playing video games online can be a seriously enjoyable experience. All three of the major home video game consoles these days have online gaming capabilities and most allow you to go online via a Wi-Fi connection, either with the Wi-Fi connectivity built right in or through the addition of an adapter.

As convenient as a wireless Internet connection may be, it does have its pitfalls. By its very nature, a wireless network isn’t nearly as stable as a wired one. You may experience some serious fluctuations in bandwidth and it can be hard getting a strong signal through walls and floors. If you have the router in the basement but you have your gaming machine in your bedroom upstairs, the signal can be pretty weak and this can hamper your online gaming experience. That’s just not acceptable and the latency could prove to be pretty bad.

GameNet from Corinex AnyWire Connectivity was designed specifically for this purpose, providing you with a wired Ethernet connection anywhere you have a wall outlet. And it’s just as good as being connected directly to your modem or router.

How Does GameNet Work?

Corinex is a company that specializes in something called powerline technology. In a nutshell, this technology takes advantage of the pre-existing electrical wiring in your home (or any building) to deliver a full Internet experience just about anywhere you have a wall outlet. The key advantage of this method over a wireless connection is that it cannot be blocked by walls, floors, or ceilings. It doesn’t matter if you live in a concrete jungle; it’ll still work.

According to the official marketing materials, GameNet is up to four times faster than a standard 802.11g Wi-Fi connection, rocketing up to a throughput of 200 Mbps. In essence, connecting through the provided adapters would be nearly identical to running an Ethernet cable all the way from your router to your gaming console. As you can imagine, connecting to any wall outlet is a lot more convenient than that.

Corinex also mentions that GameNet offers a guaranteed stable connection, an easy installation, and it will let you defeat your enemies faster.

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