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Installation and Configuration

Getting GameNet up and running couldn’t possibly be easier. In the box, you’ll find a pair of AV200 Powerline Ethernet Wall Mount Adapters, 2 Ethernet cables, an instruction CD, a quick start guide, a warranty card, and a registration card. Can you guess how to get things rolling?

On one end of the equation, you will connect an Ethernet cable from either your router or your modem to one of the AV200 Powerline adapters. This adapter can then be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Presumably, connecting directly to a wall outlet is more effective than plugging through a power bar, but the latter should still work as long as that bar is a cheap non-filtered one.

On the other side of the equation, you’ll have the other AV200 Powerline adapter. This plugs into an available wall outlet, and then an Ethernet cable can be used to connect this adapter with your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii. It will also work with other computers, set top boxes, and anything else that might need an Internet connection. GameNet is designed for gaming, but it’ll work with other applications as well.

And that’s all there is to it. There are more detailed instructions on the provided CD, but you really don’t need them. Setting everything takes mere moments. It’s certainly easier than trying to configure a wireless network.


Given that my Sony PlayStation 3 doesn’t have anything built into it that would let me gauge the bandwidth achieved through the GameNet Ethernet connection, my experience will be quite subjective and based largely on “feel”, so to speak.

I tried playing a couple games online, as well as downloading demos through the PlayStation store. In both instances, I experienced next to no lag or latency when using the GameNet connection. When playing online through a Wi-Fi network, downloading demos and system updates can be a seriously slow and painful experience. With GameNet, the pace picked up a fair bit. I have nothing but good things to say about the ease of use and performance of the GameNet solution.

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