I still don’t see any reason to play games on my laptop. And that has nothing to do with the fact I have not owned a laptop in 3 years…well maybe a little. Even though it is not my preferred platform, there are plenty of gamers who do game on their laptops daily. Cooler Master is here to improve the laptop gaming experience for those people with the new CM Storm SF-17 laptop cooler.

The CM Storm SF-17 is a laptop game station that provides everything you could need for a better gaming experience. It will expand USB ports with a 4 port built-in hub, provide ambient light to minimize eye fatigue, keep your laptop cool with the built in 180 mm fan, and works for any laptop up to a monstrous 19 inches. The height of the SF-17 is also adjustable so you can get the laptop screen to an optimal height. This could be the perfect partner for those of you who game on the go and need a solid home base to return to.

The CM Storm SF-17 is available now for as low as $59.99 US. The full press release is posted below.

UPDATE: Cooler Master just released a CM Storm SF-15 model today which is basically a smaller version of this behemoth for your big gaming notebook. You can check out the press release right here.

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Cooler Master SF-17: Full Force Cooling for Laptop Gaming

8/6/2013 – Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announced a new addition to the extraordinarily cool Strike Force (SF) Series of laptop coolers and gaming hubs, the SF-17.

Award-Winning Roots

With the release of the award winning SF-19 USB 3.0, gamers and media reviews were soon left awestruck by its raw cooling power and gamer aesthetics. SF-17 carries on this tradition with its complementary ability to create the perfect atmosphere for gaming through its styling, LED lighting strip, and highly effective cooling fans. This makes it ideal for prepping gamers for battle. SF-17 boasts a proven effective and highly customizable cooling design to ensure laptops are cooled as a gamer specifies.

Specialized Design for Gamers

In order to protect a gamer’s gear while it’s under heavy stress from gameplay, the SF-17 employs its incredible ability to dissipate excess heat through its perforated surface. SF-17 also has a strengthened mesh that can withstand all laptop sizes up to 19”. It features a single, large, and adjustable turbine fan (180 mm) that is specially engineered to provide unprecedented airflow that keeps laptop components running at optimal temperatures.

Comfortable Gaming Station

Proper viewing and typing angles can mean the difference between being fully comfortable during a long fire fight and bowing out due to pains. SF-17 includes multiple height adjustable angles that assist gamers in minimizing stress to their eyes and wrists. In addition, special consideration is paid to mobility in that the SF-17 features effortless transportability via its swift carrying handle.

The SF-17 is available now. Price and availability may vary based on region. This release is meant for the U.S. and Canada regions only. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.


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