Allegedly, Tiger Direct USA has gone out, done their research, and have come up with a number of deals and coupons that they believe, make them the lowest prices on the web today on these specific items. We thought we’d pass them along so that you can potentially save a buck too!

There are all sorts of things in this list from the CORSAIR H80i CPU cooler at $69.99, to the ASUS G75 for only $1099 (great gaming notebook BTW!). Memory from GEIL and Patriot are in this mix along with, LCD monitors from LG and more. Those LCDs do look pretty sweet at WELL UNDER $200 for FULL HD 23 and 24 inch units. Might be time to build that Eyefinity Six Display system or replace that old CRT on its last legs.

If any of these items are in your shopping list, it’s worth checking out these deals to shave a buck off your next build or upgrade.





Hard Drives

Power Supplies



LCD Monitors


As always, make sure you check ANY DEALS against Futurelooks’ Shopping Engine to ensure you really are getting the best possible prices. A lot of retailers do price matches so it’s worth it to give it a try to save yourself a few dollars.

If you do end up purchasing anything, make sure  you let us know how your shopping experience was. And if it’s something cool, definitely give us a heads up on what you thought of the product. Happy Shopping!

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