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Cooler Master is known for producing interesting cooling products that cover a varied range of performance and pricing. These same products are also rather varied in their looks, from wild shaped coolers with lights everywhere to more subdued coolers that are reminiscent of something seen in an OEM system.

Today we’re looking at the Hyper 212 CPU cooler; a cooler that bridges the gap between the subtle and the ostentatious. The cooler is a tower design that has multiple heat pipes running from a block on the CPU to two towers of cooling fins. These fins are then cooled by a large 120mm fan. That means this cooler is by no means subtle or small in stature, but may just turn out to be acoustically quiet. That’s something we’ll just have to find out, but lets start with the specifications chart. Full specifications and all product details can of course be found on the Hyper 212 product page.

Features and Specifications

The most noticeable thing from the specifications is the broad range of processor sockets that the Hyper 212 supports. From the Intel camp we have support for everything LGA775, from the Pentium 4 and Celeron up to the most current Core 2 platform. The AMD side of things is even more well covered, with support for socket 754, 939, and AM2. This gives the Hyper 212 ability to cool processors from the older Sempron right up to the latest Phenom. This is all fine and dandy, but one look at the brackets included with the Hyper 212 to give it this level of compatibility shows that it comes at a price, as both AMD and Intel processors will require the motherboard to be removed to install the cooler.

The weight is one other notable specification as the Hyper 212 rings it at a hefty 710 grams. Luckily Cooler Master took this into account when designing the afore mentioned mounting hardware for this cooler. The brackets are all metal, and are mounted to the motherboard without the use of any of the existing OEM plastic mounting brackets.

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