In our quest to bring you more of the stuff for people who like computers from CES 2013, Episode Two of our continuing CES 2013 video coverage in glorious 1080p HD takes us to see even more great companies. In this episode we feature Cooler Master and their CM Storm line, ROCCAT, and Kingston Technology with goodies from their HyperX line. We also drop in on an old friend that we haven’t seen in awhile, Zalman, and then finish things off with one of the DIY market’s greatest supporters, GIGABYTE Technology.

Sit back, grab a coffee, beer, a snack and relax to over 20+ minutes of glorious computer eye candy…

Or if you just want to skip ahead, here are the time code links to each company’s segment…

Cooler Master (00:27) – Cooler Master shows off what they can do with aluminum with a new case that shows off a more classic and elegant side of the company. They also give us a look at a new color that their Scout will be coming in, and fill us in on some of the things they are doing with their power supplies to make it easier for consumers to understand what they are buying. Finally, they unveil the long awaited successor to the original V8 cooler.

CM Storm (04:32) – Cooler Master’s CM Storm division has a number of new products to show off including a new stealth edition Quick Fire Rapid keyboard, and a new exclusive “Green” Cherry MX key that will give gamers even more keyboard options. Finally, we see another way that CM Storm is offering up options for gamers with a fully customizable aluminum series of peripherals that can be ordered with custom graphics.

ROCCAT (09:20) – We check out ROCCAT’s first mechanical keyboard, the RYOS MK Pro, that features a range of Cherry MX switches and other great features.

Kingston Technology (11:18) – Kingston unveils a new heatspreader design in celebration of the HyperX division’s 10th anniversary. They also unveil two massive new HyperX Predator flash drives that start at 512GB and will go up to 1TB in size. A smaller DataTraveller version with a similar design is also featured.

ZALMAN (13:15) – We haven’t checked in with ZALMAN for a while so it was great to see them again. They were showing off a new integrated water cooling solution that does things a little differently than everyone else using some technology that you may have seen in their most successful coolers in the past. It’s called the Reserator 3 MAX.

GIGABYTE Technology (14:51) – GIGABYTE was showing off what their Thunderbolt Technology could do on a range of their motherboards. They also showed off some cool all in one DIY possibilities with their new thin form factor INTEL boards.

We’ve got one more THIRD and FINAL Episode in the works so make sure you check back with us for that. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below and we’ll see you back shortly for continuing coverage of CES 2013!

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