Noctua, one of the leading brands in PC fans and CPU coolers, is still working hard on refining their products. Their fans, now legendary for performance and near silent operations, are creating noise at higher RPMs. Of course the obvious solution is to adapt RotoSub Active Noise Cancellation from speakers to CPU coolers. But how did they do it in a CPU cooler?

Noctua has engineered a way to generate a counter noise within the structure of the fan itself. This is done by placing magnets on the impeller blades and a magnetic ring around the fan. When switched on, the R-ANC will generate a second noise wave that cuts out sharp spikes in sound (whines, grinding noise, etc.). This will bring the noise generated down to one that is easier on human ears.

It’s very similar to the concept that noise cancelling headphones incorporate whereby they take a sample of the external noise and generate another noise to cancel out the offending sound. Sort of. Why take my word for it when you can watch a video and see it for yourself !


There is no word on when this technology will start being incorporated into their products. But we’ll let you know as soon as we get word. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of our COMPUTEX 2013 coverage.

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