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MSI Wind

COMPUTEX 2008 Spotlight - Compact Notebook PC Roundup

The MSI Wind U100 is a winner of a 2008 Good Design Product Award and is, as you’d suspect, powered by an Intel Atom processor. MSI managed to keep the weight down on this larger 10-inch notebook. The bigger size also provides more room for a larger keyboard and a larger hard drive.

Also at the MSI booth were two conceptual variants that let you “ride with the wind.” The first is the Leather Wind Notebook (shown above), which wraps the top cover and the wrist rest area in leather. The second is the UV Detect Wind Notebook, which is equipped with an MSI exclusive “UV detect sensor for monitoring the level of UV spectrum.” Don’t get burned!

VIA OpenBook

COMPUTEX 2008 Spotlight - Compact Notebook PC Roundup

Even though everyone seems to be falling in love with the Intel Atom processor, there is another major player in town that still grabs a fair bit of attention. The VIA V7-M processor is very popular for its reasonable level of performance and low cost. And VIA has apparently done an excellent job in implementing this engineering.

The award-winning VIA OpenBook UMPC has a four-cell battery that is integrated right into the screen hinge. You’ll also notice that the OpenBook is pre-equipped with WiMAX connectivity and Sprint XOHM branding. Stay connected anywhere!

Competition is Good for Everyone

From a manufacturer’s standpoint, having more competition in the area of small notebook PCs is a good thing, because the variety and prevalence will only aid in increasing the popularity of the form factor. From a consumer’s standpoint, competition about these manufacturers will only bring about better, more affordable, and more innovative products.

It’s a good time to be interested in small form factor notebooks. The possibilities are limitless.

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