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Is it Really Useful?

Useful. Is it really?

Some are rather enthusiastic…and probably over-estimating their usefulness.  If you look closely, you’ll see they make snake-skin 2.5″ hard drive enclosures…one of which is purple.  Purple…snake-skin.  To their credit, they said “useful” and not “tasteful”.

Size Matters…

Size Matters

I’m not sure what Pretec here really knows about the “big impact” of innuendo in their tagline. Though some would say size doesn’t matter, we all know it does. If you have “Small Size” I wouldn’t broadcast that to the world.

Overestimating Size


Others are straight up lies.  Those couldn’t be bigger than double-Ds!

Dongs and Wangs

But the signs that cause the most snickers…well, you really can’t go wrong with wang…or dong, for that matter.

This wang has serious growth potential.

If current trends continue and English improves yet again at COMPUTEX 2009, we might have even less “Engrish” to enjoy and comment on next year. Good for them, bad for us I guess. Oh well, at least we’ll always have booth babes!

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