It’s hard to believe that last week, gamers from all over North America flocked to Seattle for this event. And now we’re home editing video and photos and I think we’ve got some great stuff here to show you. There were definitely some real firsts for PC hardware and gaming at this year’s PAX Prime 2013 including the unveiling of the highly anticipated HAF Stacker by Cooler Master and the first public performance of INTEL’s SSD overclocking technology. And let’s not forget about how stupid wrong anyone is when they say that PC gaming is dead. At PAX Prime, PC gaming is stronger and healthier than ever.

We hope you enjoy our video coverage featuring some really great companies doing their part to support and encourage PC gaming. I now present to you, part one and part two of our PAX Prime 2013. video coverage in glorious 1080p HD!

Part One – Cooler Master’s HAF Stacker Really Stacks. INTEL SSD Overclocking. Riding the MSI GTX 780 Lightning. Kingston HyperX Brands Everything.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, please check it out right here on our YouTube Channel.

01:09Cooler Master’s HAF Stacker Unveiled – Eric Garay interviews Rajiv Kothari about the new HAF Stacker. Check out our extended coverage right here.

03:44INTEL SSD Overclocking and How it’s Done – Senior Hardware Editor, Eric Garay walks us through how SSD Overclocking is accomplished, and what the benchmarks tell us. Check out our extended coverage right here.

05:31MSI’s GTX 780 Lightning – Eric takes us through the main bullet points on MSI’s latest Kepler based GPU.

06:24Kingston Brands it All – Kingston’s HyperX division has begun working with monster gaming team, Team NaVi, on branding SSD and memory kits for their fans. Now they are also branching out into headsets in a partnership with Steelseries.

Part Two – NVIDIA Gets You on the GRID. Plantronics Wants You in their RIG Headset. StinkyFoot Board Makes Your Feet Useful. CORSAIR Unveils New Headsets and Keyboards.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, please check it out right here on our YouTube Channel.

00:21NVIDIA’s GRID is Good – Eric interviews Andrew from NVIDIA about their plans for GRID and how games will get it in the very near future.

02:44Plantronics’ RIG Headset – A headset that lets you take a call at the same time you’re fragging n00bs. Just watch the language while on a call.

05:05The StinkyFoot Board – Born from the need to relieve a finger cramp, the StinkFoot Board gets your feet in the game.

07:22CORSAIR Unveils…a lot – Jared Peck from CORSAIR fills us in on two new Raptor Headsets (HS30 / HS40), three new Vengeance headsets (1400, 1500v2, 2100), anda new K30 mechanical keyboard. They were also showing off the new K70 keyboards with new Cherry MX blue and brown switches.

See You Next Year at PAX Prime 2014!


Unless we get a ride to PAX EAST 2014 in Boston, we’ll be seeing everyone once again in Seattle for our next PAX Prime in 2014. In the meantime, please also check out the coverage from our sister publication, MEGATechNews, as they cover the console and casual gaming side of the event. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for more photos and fun posts from the event.

Special thanks to Kingston Technology (Components/Accommodations) and ROAM Mobility (US Roaming) for their contribution to our coverage at this year’s show. See you at the next event!

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