When looking to set up a professional looking gaming stream, not only do your capture devices need to be of great quality, but the lighting for your face-cam also needs to be on point. Lighting is everything when it comes to photography and videography and your webcam capture is no different. A well-lit webcam can allow your audience to better connect better with you and can increase the overall quality of your interaction with your community. That is where Elgato has stepped in to provide a suitable solution that ticks all the boxes.  And they call it, the Elgato Key Light.

The Elgato Key Light is an LED light panel that can output 2,500 Lumens. The color temperature can also be adjusted, allowing you to match the ambient light in your space. The frosted cover diffuses the light which can help make you and your stream look more pleasing to the eye. Unlike cheaper alternatives such as fluorescent or incandescent sources, the Elgato Key Light puts out a very low amount of heat, so you don’t bake while playing your favorite games for hours on end.

Have an Elgato Stream Deck or Stream Deck Mini? You can use it to control the Key Light. If you don’t have a Stream Deck, then the included Control Center app allows you to alter the lighting without having to stop your game or even stop your stream. But of course, making use of a Stream Deck is why Elgato included the functionality. You can also link multiple Key Lights together. Elgato says two Key Lights is ideal for anyone using a Chroma key (green) screen.

In terms of mounting options, the Elgato Key Light makes use what they call a MultiMount, allowing placement behind your monitors. This allows you to forgo the traditional light stands and saves space around your streaming setup.


The Elgao Key Light is currently available with an MSRP of $199.99 USD. You can read more about the Elgato Key Light over on Elgato’s Website.

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