Even though Futurelooks wasn’t able to make it in person, COMPUTEX 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan managed to be interesting without us. First, we had what many are calling “Thermalgate” as the company has come under heavy fire from the community for borrowing product designs that they did not originate. Thankfully, there were  still plenty of new products and refinements at the show. One of the companies tweaking their products to perfection was be quiet!

The original PURE WINGS 2 fan was a non PWM product that provided German quality at an affordable price. However, with many motherboards coming standard with more fan controllers, the need for a solid PWM fan from the quiet component maker became apparent. And so they launched the PURE WINGS 2 PWM fan.

Coming in sizes ranging from 80mm up to 140mm, these fans are pressure optimized to work well for both CPU and water cooling applications. Max RPMs will also vary depending on model, with the 140mm model spinning at a stately 1000 RPM, to the 80mm and 92mm models, which spin at a much more brisk 1900 RPM. The 120mm model hits 1500 RPM max.

The fans will hit the market in September 2015 and will retail starting at 9,40€ ($9.99 US) for the 80mm model,  10,90€ ($11.49 US) for the 120mm model, and 11,40€ ($11.99 US) for the 140mm model.

The company also announced their new SILENTWINGS 3  fans which will come in both PWM and standard designs. This represents the company’s third generation of an already very impressive fan product. The goal for third generation was to continue to push performance at the same noise level.

They achieved this with a new fan frame and blade profile, while a new 6 pole motor and IC did the rest. Power consumption and vibration is reduced by the new mother while the new blades and fan frame allowed increased air flow and static pressure. This enhances performance on both air and water cooling applications.

The SILENTWINGS 3 fans will be launching in October 2015 and will come in the following sizes: 140mm PWM / 1000rpm / 22,90€ ($23.49 US) – 120mm PWM / 1500rpm / 21,90€ ($22.49 US) – 140mm / 1000rpm / 21,90€ ($22.49 US) – 120mm / 1500rpm / 20,90€  ($21.49 US).

Finally, be quiet! announces a windowed version of their successful Silent Base 800 case, which launched last year at COMPUTEX 2014. The new version will launch in July 2015 and will be available in all three colors: Orange, Black and Silver with an MSRP 149€ / US$149. Because the cases are identical, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the panels becoming accessories at some point in the near future.

be quiet! has always said that the Silent Base 800 would be the beginning of a series of cases. So it was no surprise that the Silent Base 600 showed up at the show this year. This new case will hit a lower price point and will come with both solid and windowed versions at launch. Many of the features already included in the Silent Base 800 will return, including the noise insulation mats, and the rubber mounts for the hard drives. In fact, even the windowed version is “double glazed” to maintain silence.

Also included is a 3 step integrated fan controller and it will come pre-installed with the new Pure Wings 2 fans out of the box. Expect an MSRP of 110€ / $99 US for the standard version and the window version will be 125€ / $115 US. It will also come in the signature Silver, Black and Orange colors.

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