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Targus Tells MacBook Users to Chill


Note all laptop cooling pads are made equal and not all notebooks are made the same. This is why when you choose a laptop cooling pad, it may be great for your Dell, but horrible for your Lenovo. This is because different laptops have different heat zones.

Mentioned in our Targus Holiday 2008 Gift Guide for Mac, the Chill Mat for Mac is meant for the MacBook owners in the audience, not only because of its white and gray color scheme, but also because of its inherent design. The fans have been placed strategically to cool the hottest parts of a MacBook. With two quietly powerful fans, ergonomically angled design, and soft mesh bottom, the Targus Chill Mat is a great option for Mac people.

ISIS DEI Gets Their Day in the Light…

Stuck somewhere in one of the low rent areas of the SANDS Convention Center, ISIS DEI got our attention with a couple unique products that combine urban flare with functionality. Their presence was somewhat strange considering all their products are built and designed for Macbooks. Nonetheless, they were here at CES (not at MacWorld) and this is what we saw…


The first product that caught our eye was called the “Golden Jimmy” (if you have to ask what a Jimmy is, then this product isn’t for your demographic) which is a custom molded condom for your keyboard made out of silicon. Traditionally, you’ll find these things in a clear color, but ISIS DEI thought it would be fun to “blingify” your keyboard, giving it a bit of a different look.


The other product was their new “Roach Rasta Edition” MacBook case which combines both functionality and design into the non-smokable version of the hemp material. The case is lined with 5mm thick memory foam to protects your system from damage while screen straps allow you to use your Macbook right in the case. The edges of the case even fold down to allow you access to all the ports. The final detail is a pair of golden zipper heads.

ISIS DEI’s products are usually found in campus computer stores and other trendy and hip outlets where the youth of today dwell. A recent partnership with SkullCandy might see them in more places very soon.¬†

Accessorizing from the East, West and the Streets…


Targus and Choiix offer very different approaches to the laptop accessory realm, clearly demonstrating the difference between western and eastern influences while ISIS DEI shows off what the youth of today are craving. Targus offers products that fit right in line with the conventional North American way of life, whereas Choiix seems to offer more of a Taiwanese flair for style. Which you prefer is up to you. Check out the gallery from our visits on the next page and stay tuned for the continuing CES 2009 brain dump.

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