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Samsung: OLED Shining Bright

Samsung loves the piano black finish, but they’ve got more up their sleeves that just glossy coatings.

We were told that the Korean manufacturer didn’t really have anything new for us at CES 2008, but that didn’t stop Samsung from dropping our jaws with their huge wall of high-definition flat panel televisions. The smaller panels were placed near the top and they got bigger as you got closer to ground level. I’ve been a big fan of Samsung LCDs for some time now, because they offer some of the most attractive packages and most beautiful images I have ever seen.

If you’ve been concerned about brightness, as would be the case if you were placing one of these TVs in a well-lit room, then you might want to consider a new family of televisions coming from Samsung that are based on OLED technology. This technology has largely only been used in a much smaller scale — MP3 players and the like — but Samsung wants to bring it to big-screen TVs too. Not only are OLED displays brighter, they’re also more energy efficient. Going green with glossy black? Count me in.

Pioneer Kuro: The Skinny One

When you ask many people about where you can get the best plasma televisions, one name that inevitably comes up is Pioneer. While other companies are pushing the size barrier to grander and larger proportions, Pioneer had an interesting project that looked much more special from a different angle.

Project Kuro by Pioneer is comprised of a plasma television that looks pretty normal from the front. The color reproduction, contrast ratio, and so on are just as good as you’d expect from a high-quality Pioneer plasma. However, it’s only when you look at this TV from the side that you appreciate how incredible it is. That’s because it’s less than an inch thick! Seeing the Kuro in person, you’re almost inclined to think that there are no electronic components whatsoever and all you’re looking at is a single pane of glass. It really is that thin.

Yes, it becomes another numbers game — just as Samsung likes to do with their “world’s thinnest” cell phones — but when you mount this ultra thin TV on the wall, it’s going to sit almost flush. That’s not only pretty; it’s pretty freaking impressive.

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