When it comes to modding, one of the things that the pros do, is take the time to painstakingly re-sleeve all the cables in the system. In particular, the power supply cables, which can vary in their aesthetic deployment. The only way to control this, is by individually sleeving each cable, which takes considerable time, effort, and patience. Unlike sleeved cable extensions, fully sleeved cables  will run from the port on the PSU, to the port on your component, reducing clutter and potential issues down the road. CableMod, a company that specializes in sleeved cabling, has just announced their replacement sleeved cables for power supplies made by Corsair, EVGA, and Seasonic.

The CableMod premium cables are sleeved using ModFlex cable sleeving, which is constructed of ultra fine fibers, and feel soft to the touch, similar to the sleeving that BitFenix uses in their Alchemy sleeved extensions. This makes them very pliable, and able to fit into more places easier, for maximum cable management versatility. But unlike many competing products, the CableMod Premium Cables don’t use shrink wrap on the ends. Instead, they extend right into the plugs, for a superior, and very clean, termination.


The CableMod Premium Cables will start with availability for the Corsair AXi, HXi, RM series, the EVGA G2 and P2 series, and the Seasonic KP2 and KM2 series.

Available solid colors will include Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and White. Combo colors will also be available, and currently come in Black / Red, Black / Blue, Black / Green and Black / Orange, which should cover most signature component colours.

All kits will hit the shelves at $89.99 US and should be available now. Combined with a set of Satechi LED Light Strips, and you’ve got a couple of very simple mods with a high level of visual impact.

Additional photos and the full press release are below.


Introducing CableMod – Premium Cables Turn PC Systems Into Works of Art

(December 19, 2014) – For years, outfitting a PC with custom cables has been a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Modders have had to either do it themselves, spending hours upon hours sleeving their power supply cables individually, or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cable sleeving services. Alternatively, they could choose sleeved cable extensions, but would have to put up with increased cable clutter due to physically longer cables. What if there was a better way?

Introducing CableMod® – the first brand dedicated to designing and producing the very best internal PC cables on the market. Developed with input from top modders from around the world, CableMod cables bring premium quality and aesthetics to the next level.

CableMod cables begin with ModFlex™, a premium cable sleeving that brings with it a slew of advantages over traditional sleeving. This sleeve is constructed with ultra-fine fibers that are many times softer than nylon sleeving, making it much easier to route behind motherboard trays and around components. The super dense weave means that wires underneath are completely invisible, making sure that ugly bare wires are hidden from sight. Best of all, this sleeve is developed to be thinner than competing cloth braiding, which makes it possible for CableMod cables to forgo the use of unsightly heatshrink all together. In fact, CableMod cables are 100% heatshrink-free, making them the best choice for serious modders and PC enthusiasts.

CableMod cables are not extensions – they are complete power supply cable replacements that are designed to replace the cables that are included with your power supply. This means that users no longer have to deal with extra cable length from traditional sleeved extensions. CableMod cable kits are tailor-made for some of the most popular power supplies on the market:

Cable Series Made For Compatible Models
C-Series Corsair® AXi, HXi, RM
E-Series EVGA® G2, P2
SE-Series Seasonic® XP2, KM3

Since no two builds are exactly alike, each cable kit is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and color combinations, including:

Solid Colors Combo Colors         
·     Black·     Red

·     Blue

·     Green

·     Orange

·     White

·     Black / Red·     Black / Blue

·     Black / Green

·     Black / Orange

More cable types and colors will be coming in the next few months, and users are encouraged to visit  the official CableMod website ( or the CableMod Facebook Page ( and let us know what cables and colors they would like to see next.

About CableMod

Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables are engineered for more than just function; they are built to delight and inspire. By utilizing choice components, these cables are constructed without the use of unsightly heatshrink. Tweaked with input from the modding community and offered in a large selection of colors, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art. For more information, visit the official website at


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