Gadgets and gizmos today require a USB port of some sorts. Whether it be to charge it, or to sync and transfer data to it, the ubiquitous USB port is now the common denominator when it comes to plugging stuff in to your PC. Despite the fact that some motherboards have at least 2 ports on the front, and maybe another 4 or greater on the rear IO panel, it never seems like enough. That’s why the Brando 49-Port USB 2.0 hub is so compelling.

The Brando 49-Port USB 2.0 hub is limited in speed to its interface spec, and we do wish it was USB 3.0 (or USB 3.1) of course, but for those with devices that simply draw power, or provide control (like keyboards and mice), having the extra bandwidth of USB 3.0 isn’t necessary, when data transfer speed isn’t a priority. What is necessary is that every single one of our devices, has a connection, and that connection, is powered and stable. Speaking to that…


With up to 49 devices attached, there’s no way one single USB 2.0 port could power all those devices. That’s why¬†the Brando 49-Port USB 2.0 hub is powered by an external power supply with an ATX 24 pin connector. Of course, you have to buy this separately, but there is some leeway on form factor because you could choose a TFX or SFX power supply, which is much smaller than your standard ATX desktop variety. Although it would be nice if Brando provided one.

The industrial look of the device looks at home on any PC enthusiast or bitcoin ASIC miner’s workbench, so it certainly isn’t for everyone. We’d love to see one that is half the number of ports, but perhaps in a more finished enclosure. That might appeal more to those folks looking for a place to plug in their smart gadgets.

At $179 US, the Brando 49-Port USB 2.0 hub is certainly on the pricey side. Plus, when you add the cost of an external power supply, the cost is even higher. I’m sure that some of us will find a home for it anyway.

Source(s): MEGATechNews / Gizmodo

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