Gamers love their mechanical keyboards. Each gamer will also have a preference to the switches used in their mechanical keyboards and there are a few options out there to choose from. Typically, people swear by Cherry MX switches. They come in a variety of styles to suite your key clicking needs and tactile feedback. Then, there are those who like the Opto-Mechanical and Kailh used in Razer keyboards or the Romer-G and Omron used in Logitech keyboards.

But what if a company went above and beyond the typical mechanical switches that people loved and improved upon the technology? This is where Bloody comes in with their Light Strike (LK) Libra Optical Switch technology and the 9Hundred Series gaming keyboards.

LK Libra Optical Technology

How does one improve upon a tried and tested technology used for years? You increase the speed and precision, of course! You also give the keys a true digital input with zero latency. Alongside those changes, you can also add water resistance, dust-proofing and, for those who love orange fingers, Cheeto-proofing to the keyboard as well.

Light Strike (LK) Libra Optical Technology helps ensure a friction-free stroke with a true 1:1 raw input from the user. A continuous per-key optical beam delivers zero latency and contact-free instant response. Stabilizer bars help reinforce the keys for a more uniformed key press. A built in crystal prism helps not only with optical sensor precision but also improve backlighting effects that gamers love. Of course, there is that audible click that gamers love with their keyboards which help ensure that the key press happens the moment they want it to.

LK Libra have a 0.2ms maximum latency with a key travel of 3mm, compared to Cherry MX of 30ms latency and 4mm travel. The LK Libra also have a lifespan of 100 million key presses compared to the 60 million for the other manufacturers.

Bloody 9Hundred Series Gaming Keyboards

There are three gaming keyboards available in 9Hundred Series from Bloody: the B945 Hybrid-Left keyboard, the B930 Ten-Keyless (TKL) keyboard and the B975 Full Size keyboard.

Each keyboard makes use of the LK Libra Optical Technology and have per-key RGB backlighting. They’re made with an anodized aluminum frame, are nano-coated to protect against corrosion, and have drainage arteries for those times of accidental spillage. They also have 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover and are available in tactile click (orange) or smooth and linear (brown) switches. The 3-year warranty with a 100 million lifetime per key is a nice addition also.

A notable mention is the Bloody B945 Hybrid-Left keyboard. Bloody has taken the numpad and moved it over to the left side for those who want to easily access those keys with their left hand. There aren’t many of those on the market and the typical option is to pick up a Ten-Keyless (TKL) and then add a separate numpad to the left side, so this is a great option for those who do not want to add yet another peripheral and take up valuable USB ports.

Current MRSP pricing for the 9Hundred Series keyboards is set at $145 USD for the B975, $149 USD for the B945, and $139 for the B930 .

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