The be quiet! Silent Base 800 Enclosure Reviewed
Your choices are primarily mesh, square, or a little too gamer themed. If you're looking for a feature rich, inexpensive, quiet full tower, the be quiet! Silent Base 800 enclosure is for you.
  • High quality enclosure
  • Very clean and attactive
  • Great noise blocking
  • Side fan may hit large CPU coolers
9.5Overall Score
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If you’re hunting for a creative flashy full tower enclosure, there are definitely plenty of those on the market that cater to gamers and enthusiasts. However, some folks want a bit less flash without sacrificing all the cool features. You know, those cool features like tooless drive bays, modular bays, room for all-in-one or custom liquid cooling loops, plenty of ideal cooling and of course something that isn’t ugly!

One such enclosure that fits the list is the be quiet! Silent Base 800. It offers all of these aforementioned features and more. And after spending quite some time showing it off at shows, LAN parties and college campuses, we have the short and sweet technical skinny to help you decide if it’s your next enclosure.

Features and Specifications

Futurelooks went all the way to Taiwan last year to find out more about the Silent Base 800 and its origins. And since then, the company has added to its line up with other versions. But the be quiet! Silent Base 800 still remains at the top as their flagship. Lets break the list down in to the tangible features you can manipulate and the chassis features like liquid cooling.

The Tangible Features

  • Includes three Pure Wings 2 case fans
  • Two 3.5″ hard drive bays (fastened by two thumb screws)
  • Orange rubber grommets for hard drives
  • Removable fan filters (bottom and front behind drop down door)
  • Sound dampening padding on doors and side panels
  • Space for the longest graphics cards
  • Orange rubber grommets on all the cut outs

Air and Liquid Cooling Chassis Features

  • Dual front 120mm vents (with two fans)
  • Bottom 120mm/140mm vent
  • Rear 120mm/140mm vent (with fan)
  • Top dual 120mm vent (for radiator and fans)
  • Three round 1″ rubber grommet rear cut outs

Supported Devices

  • Three 5.25″ ROM drives
  • Seven 3.5″ hard drives
  • Two 2.5″ SSD trays (with thumb screws)
  • Full ATX and mATX motherboards
  • Up to 10″ for Power Supplies

Pricing of the Silent Base 800 starts at about $145 US for the non-window model, but funny enough, the it’ll only cost you $150 for the window model. That’s a pretty darn good price for all the bells and whistles. And it even comes in your choice of Orange, Black and Silver.

What’s Included?

The be quiet! Silent Base 800 accessory bundle is pretty meager. It includes all the basic screws for mounting drives and the motherboard. There aren’t any extra screws for radiators which makes sense given that all the different sizes. There are also only a few zip ties which is sad. Given that this case seriously supports wire management, we’d like a few reusable Velcro straps, similar to what you would find in their excellent power supplies.

Having said all that, the case itself has a lot already built in that makes life much easier when building up your next system.

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