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SANDRA CPU Benchmark


Alright, here we see both systems at their finest. It was kind of interesting to see both systems match performance. There’s usually a little more variance in these tests, but not with these two platforms. The Deluxe pulled some very respectable numbers.

SANDRA Memory Bandwidth


After a recent SANDRA update, it seems that the program is running smoother than usual. Since we’re using the same CPU with identical BClocks, memory frequencies, and timings, both systems produce nearly the same results.

Cinebench R10


Cinebench definitely executes nicely under the Deluxe. It was ever so slightly slower than our reference INTEL DP55KG board.

PCMark Vantage


It’s not uncommon to see Intel boards edge out others here under PCMark. We’re not saying that they do anything special in their drivers, it’s just that engineers usually tune their platforms for more productive performance than crushing 3D. Still, the P55 Deluxe keeps up in several of the results.

3DMark Vantage


Once again, the Core i7 870 throws out some impressive scores despite using only dual channel memory. If you’re considering a Core i7 860, you’ll only lose a about 1500 CPU points, or so. At any rate, go ASRock go!



Well, there isn’t much to say here. Both platforms make pleasant mince meat out of Crysis. Those AA and AF settings sure do eat in to the frame rates though.

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