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Unless a computer has components installed in multiples, it’s power needs usually aren’t high enough to warrant a large power supply. Ever the most modern of systems only needs a power supply rated between 550W and 750W. It’s not until you start installing several hard drives and running them in RAID, and multiple video cards, and an elaborate set of internal lights that you need to look at the 1000W and 1500 behemoths on the market today. It’s with this observation in mind that we are taking a look at the product being reviewed today: The Lian Li MAXIMA Force Extreme PS-A650GB 650 power supply.

Features and Specifications

The Lian Li MAXIMA Force Extreme PS-A650GB 650W power supply is from the veteran case manufacturer. Lian Li is known for their quality and attention to detail when applied in their cases, so the expectations placed on this product is a little high. The MAXIMA Force series of power supplies is targeted at the gamer market. It sports such high end features as Japanese manufactured capacitors, 120mm ball bearing fan, multiple 12V rails, and 80-plus rated output. For more features and specifications, check out the product home page.

As for pricing, the Lian Li MAXIMA Force 650W can be found for a fairly reasonable price. has the unit listed for $119.99 USD as of writing this article, and the average price from around the net is between $120 and $140 USD. This is similarly priced to other high end 650W power supplies, and makes for a tough choice on price alone. We still need to see if that Lian Li¬†quality that permeates their line of cases follows into their power supply line. Let’s go.

What’s In The Box?

In addition to the power supply, Lian Li includes a few extra accesories. This pretty well rounds out the package, as these are the types of accessories you’ll find included with most power supplies. There’s a heavy duty power cable, 4 screws, and a manual. Those expecting sound dampening gaskets and fancy case stickers should remember the price tag on the MAXIMA Extreme. It’s all supposed to be going towards built quality and stability. Here’s where we find out if that focus succeeded.

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