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Just as the cell phone world is constantly innovating and reinventing itself, the same thing can be said about all of those accessories that accompany our mobile phones. In continuing with our digital lifestyles, it’s not enough just to have the coolest cell phone on the block; you need to have the right accessories to boot. Whether you’re rocking an Apple iPhone 3G, a BlackBerry Bold, a Samsung Omnia, or any number of other cool new handsets, there are innumerable peripherals for you to consider.

Instead of looking at the latest assortment of cell phone cases, random anime-inspired charms, and those weird signal-boosting stickers that you can buy from eBay, we’re going to take a look at some cell phone accessories that might actually be useful. Yes, those exist too.

YUBZ Talk Mobile Bluetooth Headset


When most people think of Bluetooth headsets, they imagine those tiny things that you plug into your ear. Most Bluetooth headsets are popular among Wall Street executives, because they can keep their hands free while talking to you on the phone. They’re also very popular in states like California where it is illegal to talk on a handheld phone while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. That’s conventional thinking. Of course the YUBZ Talk series of headsets (and I use the term “headset” loosely) from YUBZ is anything but conventional.

As you may recall, we paid a visit to the YUBZ CES 2009 Show Suite during our time at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The YUBZ Talk, available in both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth variants, is a reaction to the emerging trend toward smaller and more portable headsets. It’s a reaction to our push toward being faster and more efficient in everything that we do. That’s why the slogan for YUBZ is “Why You Busy?” Why are you so busy? Do you not have time for a regular conversation with an old college buddy anymore?

Unlike other headsets that clip onto your ear, the YUBZ Talk takes on the form of an old landline telephone, not unlike the one that you may have used at your grandma’s house. There’s no rotary dialer, unlike granny’s phone, but the retro factor is definitely there. Did I mention it was radiation free as well?


The YUBZ Talk headset (perhaps “handset” is more appropriate) shown here is dressed up in a plain black case, but the Talk series is also available in a range of vibrant colors and even artist-inspired designs as well.

Pairing the YUBZ Talk Bluetooth headset with a compatible phone is as straightforward as you’d expect. You set up the YUBZ Talk to be discoverable, enter the default passcode, and you’re good to go. You can also set the headset to ring or not ring, depending on how far away you are from your actual phone. It was quite the unique experience using my mobile phone as if it were a traditional landline.

The wired version of the YUBZ Talk headset sells for $44.95 US and is available with a variety of connectors for different phones. The Bluetooth version shown here isn’t available on the YUBZ website yet, but expect to pay a premium over the wired alternative.

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