At COMPUTEX 2011 this year, Cooler Master unveiled three truly brand new products at the show. In our video coverage, we get a chance to see the new Silent Pro Hybrid PSU which is an 80PLUS Gold power supply that comes with a 5.25 bay mounted manual control. This controller allows you to not only change the characteristics of the PSU fan, allowing it to be completely fanless at a certain power draw, but it also incorporates controls for your case fans.

Another interesting product was their All In One water cooling solution. Thanks to companies like ASETEK and CoolIT, the market for self contained water cooling has exploded, and the designs are getting better all the time. Cooler Master seems to think their system is superior and it has the building blocks to do it. They started with enthusiast grade components and have combined it with a water block that has a much higher surface area than many competing designs. Known as the “Project AL2” only a test will tell if their performance predictions are true.

Finally, an Air Cooler built for the Asian market will be adapted to the North American market. This cooler, known as the X600, but will likely be known as the X6 at launch uses a tilted fan that is pointed 10 degrees downwards to allow it to better align the fan to capture the cool air being pulled into the case by the bottom intake fan. A different color other than red may also make its way to the finished product.

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