It’s always fun to talk to Silverstone because there’s always something cool at their booth at COMPUTEX. Silverstone kicks off our video above with updates to their Strider Gold PSUs which now include their excellent Air Penetrator fans. Moving along, there’s a brand new ZEUS Series power supply running at 1350 watts with fan speed and rail setting controls. This power supply is fully modular and is built for enthusiasts and overclockers. There’s also a new ST50NF NightJar series PSU that is completely passive which means it is silent and works well for recording studios or dusty environments.

Moving to cases, we see brand new HTPC cases called the GD07 and GD08 which contain new features that support better cooling and more drive bays. They’ve even added a dimmer to the front LEDs. There’s also an update to the SG07 known as the SGO8 and a new KJ04 case which transforms into a TJ04-E with just the change of a faceplate. TJ08 also finally sees a more finished version from CES 2011 and is nearly ready to serve micro ATX tower users with a case that takes advantage of all the space that it can muster mister.

Finally, we see the massive TJ12 concept case which supports up to 19 PCI-E slots on top of the case which can hold up to 6 dual slot graphics cards with space in between. It’s partially built from stainless steel to support the weight and even has space for TWO full sized powers supplies.

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