Antec Twelve Hundred ATX Gaming Case Review

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The Twelve Hundred Comes With Its Own Cheering Section...

Or rather, a whole whack load of fans!

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX Gaming Case Review

Antec has totally loaded up this case with massive airflow employing up to three 120mm front intake fans, and three 120mm exhaust fans including the top mounted 200mm big boy. If that's not enough, an additional side panel and front intake fan can be added as an option, which we've done here.

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX Gaming Case Review

We slid an optional Tri-cool fan into this brakcet that also employs a filter that easily slides out for cleaning. This fan is placed approximately where an SLI or Crossfire video card setup would sit on most motherboards. You can actually use any 120mm fan you wish, but the Tri-Cool is easy to adjust for noise and thermals.

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX Gaming Case Review

The last optional fan can be attached to back of any of the existing drive bay trios that works in concert with any of the existing front intake fans. This allows you to ingest an even greater amount of air, targeted to where you need it, be it a pair of hot video cards or at an overheating chipset. Use of this fan does take away three of your drive bays, but leaves the remaining six open. Again, any 120mm fan will work, but I do like that you can adjust theTri-Cool unit we used to suit your needs.

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX Gaming Case Review

In order to make sure that air flow is optimum, Antec has employed the back of the motherboard tray to route cables away from the inside of the case. This should, in theory keep the inside of the case relatively clutter free, and as a result, maximize air flow to all the components. Cable tie downs are preinstalled to get you started and additional loops can be employed to make use of more cable ties while cut outs give you places to poke your cables through.

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