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This is the part of the Warrior Xxtreme that most everyone will be familiar with, as it’s near identical to the original Wolfking Warrior. The key layout is exactly the same. In fact, with the WASD keys being clustered closely, and the most used functions positioned underneath them. This pad is designed with the gamer’s hand in hand; there’s even two CTRL buttons should your hand be too big for the inside one. It should be noted that the configuration of these keys match the default setup for Counter Strike, so if your game of choice is something different you may need to do some tweaking.

This is the part that makes this Warrior Xxtreme…extreme. This left hand panel contains a full QWERTY keyboard split in two. The left half of the standard QWERTY keyboard is found on the top half of this portion, and the right half the standard keyboard is found on the bottom half of the Xxtreme side of the warrior. The intention behind this is to enable one handed typing, or have a quickly accessible area to have macros and key bindings setup in.

Speaking to both those ideas I can say that typing is doable, but very slow and requiring a great deal of practice. The split QWERTY design is definitely not the most ergonomic or efficient for typing with one hand in such a fashion. As for key bindings and macros, such things can be achieved by a standard keyboard, though they may not be in such a compact space.

That brings up another point; the size of the Warrior Xxtreme. The original Wolfking Warrior comes with a claim of portability. With its singular disc shape and diminutive size, it was easily able to stand up to those claims. The Warrior Xxtreme on the other hand is almost as big as a standard keyboard, and to be used would need to supplant your main keyboard completely. This means that you would need to essentially have two keyboards connected to your one gaming rig. If you really want a specialized gaming device like the Warrior Xxtreme, this may be a non-issue, but it is something to be aware of.

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