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The game lost points from me because of the un-original use of the new technology that came with the Wii.  When I first read reviews on the Wii and the revolutionary controllers that were accompanying the counsel, I couldn’t stop thinking up endless ideas of how they can use the controllers in a Mario Bros. type game.  Clearly, I was disappointed, and I could have waited.

Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii Review

However, the whimsical expressions that add to the game, and the familiar jumping, stomping, and coin collecting made this game quite comforting to play.  The story-line was interesting to follow, and the side games gave you enough time to re-focus your attention on the main goal.  But, come on, a Nintendo console would not be a Nintendo console if it didn’t continue the tradition with a Mario RPG, and now I’ll be impatiently awaiting the release of Super Mario Galaxies.

The Pros

  • C’mon, it’s a him, Mario!
  • The story had me gripping at my seat, waiting for the next baddy
  • Good continuation of the Paper Mario spin-off.
  • The splendid back-drops.
  • The 2-D/3-D capability of the game
  • Multiple mini-games that keep this game enjoyable and provide re-playability
  • Princess Peach, dare I say more?

The Cons

  • Unimaginative use of the Wii-mote
  • Sometimes I had to grip at my seat WAY too long waiting for the next baddy
  • Felt like Nintendo wanted to rush this out for the Wii
  • Lack of requirement to use the special weapons

Overall Rating:  7.0 / 10.0

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