Today, CoolerMaster unveils their brand new budget gaming case known as the CMStorm Enforcer. This new case shares an uncanny resemblance to the HAF 912 Advanced. A case that I’m quite fond of because it was the same case that allowed me to set a blistering 4:09 at this year’s CA Build Your Own PC race (formerly known as the Tiger Direct Charity PC Race). Let’s take an exclusive inside and outside look at the case in our video below:

As you can see, the CM Storm Enforcer shares many of the same features as the original HAF 912 Advanced. Unfortunately, this also included the cheap dust filters which really knocks the case down a bit in the overall impression of the case. Especially with the case doing so well at so many other things. We hope that this is something they’ll work on for a future revision to bring this one area up to the same level as the rest of the case.

The finish quality of the case was superb making it an injury free build with any list of parts. Upgrades that are notable from the HAF 912 include a new removable middle drive bay that can be removed to accomodate large graphics cards, or rotated to optimize for hard drive airflow via the included 200mm front intake fan that glows red (but cannot be adjusted or shut off). Built for LAN Parties, the new front cover provides protection against handling damage when transporting your rig from event to event; an improvement over the bare mesh front cover of the HAF 912 Advanced.

Other great features include the CMStorm StormGuard security feature which keeps your peripherals attached to your case and fully integrated USB 3.0 that works directly with newer motherboards like the G1.Killer Series from GIGABYTE. While this native support is great, this also makes it impossible to use your older board that may have USB 3.0 onboard, but not the native USB 3.0 front header. An easy solution might be an adapter that allows a pass through to the back of the case via a conventional USB 3.0 connector.

Aside from the dust filter quality, the new CMStorm Enforcer brings gamers a very tasteful looking case at an affordable price of $89.99 US. The only thing left for us to do is install some components, take some temperatures, noise readings, extra pictures, and give you our final take on this case in our review coming up soon.

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