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Violence, Video Games, and ADD

Of course, there is always the flip side to this argument. While a growing number of families are starting to enjoy video games together, there are still many parents who are concerned about the excessive violence found in certain titles. Leading the charge against the damaging effects of gaming is the infamous Jack Thompson.

You’ve surely heard about the studies that link the playing of violent video games with antisocial (and violent) behavior. I need not remind you of Columbine and other such tragedies that have made suggestions towards this link. There are also studies that link excessive video game playing with learning disorders and attention-deficit disorder. Not all gaming is good for you, of course, so as with everything else, balance (and education) is the key.

Yeah, Ninja Gaiden is pretty bloody. It might not be the best choice for family night, just as you wouldn’t choose an excessively violent and abrasive movie for family night.

All the Way to the Bank

Years ago, the demographic for video game players was pretty narrow. Young children had their simple games and teenagers had their slightly more complex games. By and large, gamers were male too. That has now changed. Girls are enjoying titles like Nintendogs and Animal Crossing. Moms are getting involved with Wii Fit. Dads get in the action with sports titles. It doesn’t matter anymore if you are eight or eighty; there’s a game for you.

And video game developers are laughing all the way to bank. Look at Shiggy. He loves that he’s got everyone from Nicole Kidman to Carrie Underwood advertising for him. The business of video games is definitely a license to print money as well.

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