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Thermo-Nuclear Temperature Results

While running some PCMark Vantage benchmarks, the chassis internal temp was measured first with the single stock 120mm fan and then checked again at each stage as the front and top 120mm (60 CFM) cooling fans were added. Ambient temps were 22C during testing.

The single fan keeps temps manageable internally. None of the components were registering any unusually high level temps either. The bulk of the warm air blowing out the back was from the CPU cooler. As additional cooling fans are added, temps drop even further and finally level off as a larger volume of cooler air is consistently moved from the front out through the back and top.

If you’re wondering what kind of case cooling fan was used, our friends at AcousticPC recently sent a care package with a few new SilenX 120mm fans. They’re extremely quiet and match the Thermaltake case fan nicely.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition is simple: offer the most feature rich computer chassis for an unbelievably affordable price. As luck would have it, the V3 Black Edition offers more features than you would expect for such a tiny price. The Thermaltake engineers did away with the boring exterior and decided to add a few features that we’ve only seen on more premium cases. The couple dollars needed to add things like the motherboard CPU cooler installation cut out and the blacked out interior, were all worth it in the end. How they did it is truly remarkable.

At a bargain basement price of $39.99US at your favourite retailer, we can’t seem to find anything to challenge the Black Edition V3 at this price point. This means it should become increasingly popular as Thermaltake throws down with the marketing muscle. Once people realize what a great case it is at this price point, it will definitely become a hit.

In the end, the V3 is the new budget case standard to beat. It’s truly a brilliant value for only a couple of $20’s. We wonder if anyone else will dare to play at this price point.


  • Attractive black chassis and design
  • Motherboard tray CPU cut out
  • Worthy features: SSD slot, tooless clips and built for cooling.
  • Most affordable black chassis computer case ever
  • Quality made materials


  • Includes only 1 cooling fan
  • Acrylic window just big enough to tease you
  • Could use a couple more drive retention clips

Overall Rating: 8.75/10

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