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A few months ago, the subject of better CPU cooling came up when discussing processor reviews. While stock coolers have their place, they don’t allow very much in the way of overclocking. But after talking to our expert friends over at Acoustic PC, the Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler came highly recommended for taking away the heat and achieving higher frequencies. In fact, they took one straight from their own inventory and fired it over to us. What we discovered is that, while non-poisonous to humans,  it definitely killed some heat. How much? Let’s find out!

Features and Specifications

The Venomous X supports LGA 775, 1156, and 1366 sockets and comes shipped with the proper mounting kits. A revision 2 “Bolt Through” Kit for AMD AM2/AM3 can also be ordered from most vendors. Unique to the Venemous X is the socket adjustable back plate and the top pressure adjustable mounting plate. The mounting systems are very strong capable of applying anywhere between 40 to 70 pounds of force.

The X’s second resourceful engineering design is the convex copper base design. That means the near mirrored, copper base has a ever so slight outward bulge. This fills in any odd sagging that is often associated with today’s CPU “IHS” caps. Both, the finish and the convex shape of the cooler, ensure maximum heat transference at all times.

Two pairs of 120 x 25mm fan clips ship with the “X”. You’ll have to pick up your own fans however. We recommend something that spins up fast with and comes with a fan speed controller for customization. We chose two bad boys capable of moving about 80.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air at a cost of 38 dBA. Just remember that using two fans will compound any fan noise.

What’s In The Box?

With the exception of the fans, included in the bundle Venomous X bundle is some Chill Factor II thermal paste. We didn’t need the white sheet to figure out what exactly is inside the tube. The thermal paste contains Zinc Oxide and Metal powder. Despite the ingredients, it is not electrically conductive. However, that doesn’t mean you can just go nuts with the stuff. Just remember that a pea-sized amount goes a very long way.

Doesn’t Look Too Poisonous

Like many CPU tower coolers, the Venomous X is a tall engineering feat, so to speak. It measures in at about 6.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches without the fan. With the fan, it’s about 3.5 inches deep. Despite its size and 755g weight, the mounting system should easily keep the X squarely secured. The fins are made with high quality aluminum and silver copper materials. Being completely nickel plated will help the heat sink keep its buff physique resisting discoloration for years. Raw copper or metal materials don’t fair so well. Even the six very large U-shaped heat pipes are polished up the entire length.

The utmost care has been give to the solder joints on the heat pipes, copper base, and fins. There are no sloppy joints, smudges, or loose fins upon handling. This is often a worrisome issue with many coolers, but the Venomous X appears to be extremely well made through and through.

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