The case trend in the last couple years has been to tone down on the muscular, sculpted looking stuff, for more refined lines and aesthetics. Mesh has given way to solid panels, and large fan filled windows have given way to noise dampening and improved thermodynamics inside the chassis. So when the press release for the Enermax Thormax GT arrived in my inbox, I had to see if they were kidding? Apparently not!

One of the great things about the PC DIY industry is the fact that you can have a system that looks anyway you want. If you want to “think different”, PC is where you can really exercise this ideal. Although the trend has been to tone done the “muscular” looking cases, in exchange for designs that look more refined and reserved, or even more like works of art when you look at what companies like In Win have been doing lately with their S-Frame and Tou, the Enermax Thormax GT definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. But they still get a number of basic “case things” right.


For example, this big full tower case has room for E-ATX boards, 490mm VGA cards, and room for up to 360mm radiators. The case comes stock with a 4 level fan controller (with LED speed indicators), which controls two 180mm Enermax Vegas blue LED fans. But you can also add an additional six 120/140mm fans for additional cooling.


For storage, there’s also four 5.25 inch tool-free drive bays, five 3.5/2.5 inch HDD bays, and an additional 2.5 inch bay behind the motherboard tray. And the case is mostly tool free for most basic installations. To top it off, a magnetic headphone holder sits on the side so your expensive flagship gaming headset has a home.

The ENERMAX Thormax GT will be available this October with a price that has yet to be determined. Full press release is below.

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The Giant’s Armor  – ENERMAX Thormax GT Full Tower Chassis

October 8th, 2014, Chino, California – Enermax launches its new full tower chassis: Thormax GT. This full tower case comes with the ample interior to support E-ATX MB and up to 490mm length VGA cards, a superior cooling compartment to support 240 & 360mm depth liquid coolers, and many user friendly designs. Thormax GT is the best armor for professionals and enthusiastic gamers to suit up their giant system.

Ample Interior Construction

Thormax GT is built with an ample internal space. It can easily accommodate the E-ATX sized motherboards and can also support up to four dual-slot graphics cards of 360mm depth; two VGA cards have a max length support of up to 490mm long with the HDD cage removed. Also, Thormax GT houses various drives spaces: four 5.25” bays with screwless latch design, five 2.5”/3.5” HDD trays and an additional 2.5” drive behind the MB tray for sophisticated data storage device management.

Superior Cooling Compartment

Thormax GT’s unique compartment structure allows it to install two extended length liquid coolers with 60mm high clearance. A 360mm length liquid cooler can be installed under the roof and one 240mm can be installed at the bottom. Furthermore, Thormax GT is pre-installed with dual 18cm Enermax Vegas blue LED fans and comes with an additional six 12/14cm fan slots for maximum airflow.

Thormax GT also has an extravagant top I/O panel and controls: two USB 3.0 ports & four USB 2.0 ports, pre-installed Enermax 18cm Vegas fan 5 LED mode switch, and power & reset buttons. It also comes equipped with a 4-level fan RPM controller, with LED speed indicators, that can be used to adjust all four fans at once.

User Friendly Design

Thormax GT features several user friendly designs. First, the included magnetic headset holder allows users to easily place their headset on the metal side panels or any other metal surface. The Thormax GT also sports a sturdy metal handle on the rear roof area for easy system relocation. Besides that, the 360 degree rotatable foot stands allow uers to adjust the chassis to fit the space. Thormax GT also provides 5.25“ adapters to convert one 3.5“ HDD and two 2.5“SSDs.

Thormax GT, a solid armor for users to build the most advanced systems: multiple VGA cards, liquid coolers top and bottom, plenty of room for expandability. The Thormax GT will be available in mid-October worldwide. Please consult your local Enermax representative for more information.


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