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ANTEC Takes Care of the Laptop User

A laptop power brick isn’t one of the most glamorous items, but it is essential for the care and feeding of your portable computer. However, in many cases, it seems that all the looks went to the machine, but this often neglected part of the package gets the beat with the ugly stick. Not to mention, it leaves a huge unsightly bulge in your laptop bag. ANTEC took it upon themselves to do something about this.

Computex 2008 - Antec NP-65

The ANTEC NP-65 (which denotes 65 Watts) is a replacement power brick that works with virtually any PC laptop on the market. It was so well hidden at the ANTEC meeting suite, that if it wasn’t for my snooping around, I probably would have ignored it. I’m glad I didn’t miss it because this device brings to the table a remarkably slim form factor in a footprint that isn’t much bigger than a standard power brick. That means no more bulge in your laptop bag and more space for your other gear.

The port on the side is for a car adapter or aircraft power adapter. Because it’s an ANTEC power supply, it has features like Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection and Over Current Protection. It’s also up to 85% efficient under load. When this puppy arrives later this year, I’m ditching my power brick immediately. Now if only ANTEC could match the coolness of the Apple magsafe plug.

COMPRO Gets Voyeuristic

It’s true that we live in a surveillance society where everything you do is watched. Well, why not join in the fun! COMPRO, makers of a whole whackload of TV Tuner products unveiled something cool at COMPUTEX this year: The IP 50 series and the IP 100 series wireless IP surveillance cameras. Typically the domain of rich bastard houses and high security areas, COMPRO has set out to invade the WiFi IP Camera market with a quality product at a very affordable price point.

Computex 2008 - COMPRO

The IP 50 series comes equipped with built-in Smart Motion Detection so that it can record when it sees movement, two-way audio so you can heckle your intruders, and IR support so you can see in the dark…sort of.


The IP 100 series is the most fun. It comes equipped with a High Dynamic Ranging (HDR) CMOS sensor, day and night functionality, smart motion detection, and built-in 2-way audio transmission. Over the IP50, this one sees you better in the dark and can follow you around. Creepy, but cool.

Both cameras are proudly produced and developed right in Taiwan and include an in house developed video management software called ComproView that supports both multi-channel IP cameras and analog video capturing cards including data storage management. A wide range of built-in intelligent detection tools are capable of handling individual channel customizations and event triggered alarm functions. It will even work with your PDA, Smartphones and Web Browsers to allow you to keep an eye on your home when you’re away on Vacation.

GlacialTech Lights The Way to a Greener Tomorrow

GlacialTech, makers of cooling fans, computer cases and CPU coolers seems to have gone off the deep end, but not really…

Computex 2008 Glacial Light by Glacial Tech

Combining their experience in all aspects of their business from power supply design to heatsink design, they announced at COMPUTEX 2008 this year that they would be forming a completely new company to build LED lighting solutions. This very green technology uses only a fraction of the power of even a flourescent bulb while providing an even greater amount of light. The demo lights in the booth were certaily bright and also seemed to put out illumination that was comfortable to the eye, especially when compared to fluorescent bulbs. They also boast an average lifespan of 30,000 hrs.

GlacialLight will be rolling out replacements for all your power sucking bulbs very soon, even fluorescent tubes and halogen work lamps.

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