A couple days ago EA released the minimum and recommended system requirements for their forthcoming title; Battlefield 4. The minimum requirements are very very barebones, and look like systems I built and deployed more than 4 years ago. Those aren’t really garnering any attention though, and if you look back they are actually very similar to the Battlefield 3 minimum requirements from 2 years ago.

What is really getting a lot of attention, and what I want to touch on is the Recommended requirements EA dropped. They are steep, and that’s said with very little exaggeration. Running a quick price check on any major online retailer shows that the system to meet these requirements costs between $750 – $900 at a minimum, and that is just for the tower itself. We have seen gameplay videos, and they are indeed pretty, and many are curious as to whether or not you’ll be able to get that graphical quality from the Recommended requirements. These same concerns came up with BF3, and the requirements at the time of its release were just as steep relative to the components at the time.

The proof will be in the pudding when BF4 is released, we can benchmark it, and report on what level of hardware is needed for the graphical quality you want. We are all aware of both the issues with the validity of gameplay video released to the public, and some past issues EA has had with engine optimization for the PC platform. Basically there’s more to this story than just the numbers, and we’ll be there to finish writing it.

In the meantime, do you think your system will be able to handle this newest Battlefield title? Or are you going to have to do some minor (or major) upgrades?

Source: EA’s Battlefield Twitter

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