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One of the things that most PC enthusiasts start out with, when first beginning to mod or customize a system, is adding a splash of colour. This can be done in one of many ways, but the most simple way, is by making sure that your components, like your RAM, motherboard, and GPU, all have complimentary colors. The next easiest step is by adding LED fans. But if you want to take what you’ve got, and really allow the colours to pop, then you’ll have to add some lighting.

The Satechi LED Light Strip makes modding through lighting extremely easy and versatile. Usually, you’d buy your lighting components, in the colour that you need them to be. However, when you want to change your theme, you’ll typically have to retire those, and purchase new lighting components, fans, etc. The Satchi Light Strip allows you to dial in the colour to any one of seven LED colors, using an included controller.

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The kit comes with two 12 inch RGB LED color light strips, a 12V DC power cable, and 4-pin D connector, and a controller with extension cable. They retail for $29.99 US a piece and can be picked up from Amazon today.

While the $29.99 US price point seems a bit high, you have to consider that these strips will probably work with your system today, and in the future. Even if you change your mind on the colours. They will also last for up to 100,000 hours, giving you some peace of mind, no matter which colour combination you decide to go with on this, and any future builds.

The full press release and additional photos are below.


Illuminate & Customize Hardware with Satechi’s Computer LED Light Strip

SAN DIEGO – Dec. 18, 2014 – Satechi’s Computer LED Light Strip, available now, allows users to choose from sixteen different vibrant colors in order to illuminate and bring any computer workspace to life. The Computer LED Light Strip can be easily applied to most hardware and customized to fit a user’s needs and mood.

The Satechi Computer LED Light Strip’s flexible and strong design allows users to position it into any number of unlimited desired positions using the attached 3M adhesive. Users can further customize the hardware by choosing between four color rotation modes and brightness levels via the included remote control.

  • Flash mode: rotates red, green and blue
  • Strobe mode: fades through red, green and blue
  • Fade mode: fades through seven different LED colors
  • Smooth mode: rotates through seven different LED colors

The high-brightness LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, and comes equipped with everything needed for easily installation. The kit includes two 12” RGB color LED light strips, 12V DV power cable, 4-pin D connector, controller and extension cable.

The Satechi Computer LED Light Strip is available now for an introductory price of $29.99 at and

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