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Specifications and Features

As a professional gaming headset, you’d think that the Saitek Cyborg 5.1 headset would come with some rather impressive specs. Thankfully, the people at Saitek have not disappointed on this front.

  • True 5.1 Surround Sound using integrated USB sound card with in-line volume/mute controls
  • Low profile, rotating cans and adjustable headband for total comfort and portability
  • Includes hard carry case
  • Detachable noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • 6 sonic drivers deliver precise directional audio
  • Unique styling – ‘Cyborg’ logo illuminates when 5.1 sound is selected
  • 3.5mm jack included for use with MP3/CD/handheld devices (in stereo)
  • VoIP ready

Strangely, the spec sheet makes no mention of the frequency range for the drivers. Going through the graphic equalizer within the setup application, which I’ll describe in a moment, it seems that it’ll do 30Hz to 16KHz, but I can’t say for sure.

Build Quality and Design

These headphones mean business. That was my initial reaction to the Cyborg 5.1 headset. The headband is very well padded and the sliders for adjusting the size of the headband are metal, not plastic. This speaks volumes for the quality. The cans themselves are very nice as well, boasting a glossy black finish on the outside, but you’ll also notice that they are vented as well. This helps to reduce moisture during those sweaty LAN parties.

The inside of the earcups, the part that actually touches your head, is very well padded in a velvet like material. These are designed to be over-the-ear style headphones, but I found the inner lining to be a touch too small. It’s not that I have big ears, at least I don’t think I do, but I would have appreciated an extra millimeter or two of clearance between my ears and the earcups. If you look closely on the inside, you’ll notice that there are three separate speakers housed in each earpiece. This is how the Cyborg is able to achieve a 5.1 sound field in such a confined space.

Built into the cable is a simple controller. It’s possible that this is where the rudimentary sound card is also located. There is a slider for choosing between stereo and 5.1 sound, a mute switch, and a pair of buttons for adjusting the 5.1 volume. Adjusting the stereo volume is done by a separate dial on the side.

In the left earpiece is a small port where you can connect the detachable microphone. The mic boom is about six inches long and is somewhat flexible. It’s great being able to remove the microphone when you don’t need it.

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