Coolermaster HAF XM Mid Tower Computer Case 12

Here are some more deals from NewEgg (US) today. Highlights include a huge $200 price drop on a 13.3 inch Lenovo YOGA Ultrabook. These are the ones with the flippy hinges that turn into tablets. On the component side you can grab a new MSI HD 7950 3GB GPU for only $258.99 with a number of great games bundled in, making the card nearly free if you think about it. There’s also a few Western Digital hard drives on special because you can never have enough storage. Shame there aren’t any SSDs in this one but there should be a little bit of something for everyone.

To grab the deals, make sure you click on the links provided and use the coupons (if provided) to get the deal. Some of these deals have expiry dates that are coming up quickly. As always, please let us know if you end up snagging one of these deals and how your shopping experience was with the retailer.

Of course, you should always check these deals against the Futurelooks Shopping Engine to ensure you are getting the best possible deals at all times.

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