ROCCAT has been hard at work establishing themselves amongst gaming peripheral manufacturers in the US over the last few years. I personally think they have done very well, thanks in part to some great products. To celebrate their 5th anniversary Roccat goes back to their roots with the Kone Pure Optical Mouse and Sense Meteor Blue mousepad.

The Kone Pure is the sports car of the Kone series of mice. It sacrifices a few things, but keeps the essentials needed for high performance. The Kone Pure is 9% smaller and uses a Pro-Optic (R3) 4000 DPI sensor which also allows ROCCAT to lower the price from its laser counterparts. You still get full support of the Easy-Shift[+]™, Easy-Aim, and ROCCAT Talk™ to ensure top quality assistant to our digital warriors.


The perfect companion to the ROCCAT Kone Pure is the Sense Meteor Blue mousepad. The 2 mm thick textile pad is coated in a micro-crystalline substance to both reduce friction and improve tracking. This should greatly improve accuracy when sliding a high-end mouse across the 400 x 280 mm surface.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical is available now for $69.99 US and the Sense Meteor Blue is available at $19.99 US.

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ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Optical and Sense Meteor Blue Now Available

Optical version of award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse is in stores now

July 25, 2013 – ROCCAT Studios, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of competition gaming peripherals, today announces immediate availability of the optical version of its award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse. This release ensures that there is now a Kone for both breeds of gamer: those preferring the maxed out DPI of a laser mouse, and those yearning for the unique feel of an optical sensor gliding over their mousepad.

The Kone Pure Optical combines the design innovations and ergonomic shape of original Kone Pure – 91% the size of the Kone – with an ultra-accurate, cutting-edge Pro-Optic (R3) optical sensor. Equipped with high-quality Omron® switches, ROCCAT innovations such as Easy-Shift[+]™, Easy-Aim, and ROCCAT Talk™, and a top-end sensor with DPI adjustable up to true 4,000 DPI, the Kone Pure Optical is designed for discerning gamers who want the best from their peripherals.

ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte comments: “The new sensor featured in the Kone Pure Optical is the successor to the sensor featured in the famous Savu mouse. The Savu drew praise from gamers and reviewers alike, who complimented the mouse for its accurate and reliable tracking. Building on this success, the Kone Pure Optical has a new and more powerful MCU, which features more memory, and two new native DPI steps.”

By popular demand, the optical mouse arms gamers with a powerful weapon in their fight for point streaks, lanes and bases. A hat tip to the community feedback that shapes the success story of the Kone series, the Kone Pure Optical celebrates the five year anniversary since the Kone was born.

Ultra-thin Sense mousepad now available in Meteor Blue design

The critically-acclaimed Sense mousepad, which entered the market in 2008, has been reissued by ROCCAT, and is now available in a slick Meteor Blue design. The extremely thin textile pad, 2 mm thick, provides precise cursor control – allowing for absolute accuracy. The special micro-crystalline coating minimizes frictional resistance efficiently, and therefore provides a noticeable improvement in the gliding capability of accompanying mice.

The large surface area, 400 x 280 mm, ensures the pad is of a size optimized for low- and high-sensitivity gamers alike. The Sense mousepad also remains available in Chrome Blue.

Ultimate team: the Kone Pure Optical gaming mouse and Sense Meteor Blue mousepad complement each other perfectly, and are the ideal combination of weapons to fight any opponent.

Now Available:

ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Optical – $69.99

ROCCAT™ Sense Meteor – $19.99


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