There has been a lot of focus on the small form factor (SFF) PC case design lately, but nothing else has followed. It has been our beloved PC chassis manufacturers changing and innovating to accommodate for standard form factor internal components. be quiet! is here to change that by bringing high quality power supply design to compact form factors with the new SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2.

Got a special project for a PC build with an unusual design, extra small space, or just need a little more room in your mini-ITX PC case you just bought? Look no further. The new SFX and TFX Power 2 power supplies will deliver up to 80+ Gold efficiency in the most cramped case at 300W and 400W designs. The SFX and TFX will deliver the power you need to run a gaming PC while not getting in the way of those top-tier components.

be quiet! has not cut any corners with these new PSUs. They both conform to all the latest voltage and current protections in a dual 12 volt rail design. You will find both available in European markets now with an MSRP (including VAT) of 55 Euro for the TFX 300W 80+ bronze and 67 Euro for the 80+ gold version. The SFX is available 55 Euro for the 300W 80+ gold and 67 Euro for the 400W 80+ gold. No word on an US release date at this time.

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be quiet! introduces SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2

Compact and efficient power for highest demands

be quiet!, market leader of power supplies in Germany for eight consecutive years*, announces the new SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 power supplies, which are suited for high-performance yet compact systems because of the optimized technology based on two strong 12-volt-rails. The German market leader sets great value upon a high-efficiency: The TFX Power 2 reaches up to 91 percent, which conforms the 80PLUS Gold standard. In addition be quiet! significantly improved the cooling performance compared to the successful predecessor models.

Small form factor for space-saving systems

The latest power supplies from be quiet! conform the space-saving SFX and TFX format and efficiently provide power for high-performance systems. Despite the small dimensions the models SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 are equipped with sleeved cables in a length of 35 to 50 (SFX) or to 65 centimeters (TFX) and with more than enough ports to power a modern Mini-ITX system. This includes the implementation of a graphics card, due to the fact, that compact power supplies from be quiet! have a 6+2 pin PCIe connector (6 pin via Adapter for TFX) – natively or via adapter. With this features it is an easy job to build a potent Haswell-based Mini-PC with dedicated GPU.

Excellent efficiency

Both PSU series are characterized by a particularly high-efficiency, which is up to 89 percent and therefore conforms the 80 PLUS Bronze standard. A second special version of the TFX Power 2 reaches up to 91 percent and is 80PLUS Gold certified. Thanks to the high-efficiency be quiet! is able to realize an extremely silent and effective cooling, which is ensured by a high-quality, temperature-controlled 80 millimeter fan .

Two powerful 12-volt rails

Especially because the models SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 provide support for graphics cards, be quiet! relies on a stable 12-volt dual-rail design, which provides rock solid performance values. Therefore these power supplies are a great choice for office- and web-clients, but are just as well suitable for demanding application such as HTPCs with gaming suitability.

Latest safety- and energy-standards

The new small form factor power supplies from be quiet! are equipped with all major safety standards such as OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP and OPP. They also support the C6 and C7 stand-by modes for the latest generation of Intel processors. In addition TFX Power 2 and SFX Power 2 fulfill the newest European regulations ErP 2014.

The TFX Power 2 is available in two versions: with 80PLUS Bronze or Gold certificate and an output of 300 watts each. The suggested retail price incl. VAT is 55 respectively 67 Euro. Interested buyers are able to choose also between two models of the SFX Power 2 series: the 300 watt version costs 55 Euro, while the 400 watt model will be offered for a price of 67 Euro. SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 are now available on the European market.


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