Some people might look at all-in-one PCs and assume that they’re for soccer moms and grandparents. They might see them as the “family” computer that sits in an alcove near the living room and it’s used as a secondary media consumption device. They might assume that these AIO PCs aren’t worth their salt when it comes to any sort of real gaming beyond crushing candies and farming villes. The MSI Gaming 27T utterly destroys that misconception.

The truth is that while you will likely only get the best possible experience through a true desktop computer, spec’d up with the latest hardware, you can get some honest to goodness gaming going on other computers too. Just like MSI’s gaming notebooks, the MSI Gaming 27T is being targeted squarely at folks who want to counter some strikes, call some duties, league some legends, and defend some ancients. Or fight in the streets, as the case might be.

MSI says that even the most hardcore gamer will be impressed with the Gaming 27T. You get 6th-gen Core i7 processors, GTX 980M graphics, a 27-inch full LED touchscreen display, two HDMI-out ports for external monitors, Killer Wireless, Killer DoubleShot Pro, a 256GB SSD Super RAID 4 with a 2TB HDD, and 16GB of DDR4 memory. They’re even tossing in a gaming keyboard and mouse for good measure.

Of course, with great power comes great price tag. The MSI Gaming 27T is listed at $2,699.99 and is available now. Peep the press release for more info and the full spec sheet.

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MSI Ships Gaming 27T, the World’s Most Powerful Gaming All-In-One PC

27-inch gamers’ dream delivers unmatched gaming experience with immersive graphics and blazing speeds straight out of the box

City of Industry, Calif. – November 12, 2015 – MSI Computer Corp announces the availability of the world’s most powerful gaming All-in-One PC, the brand new Gaming 27T. Packed with a plethora of advanced components and technologies, including Intel’s 6th Generation Core™ i7 desktop processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 980M graphics; MSI’s Gaming 27T stuns the multimedia lover and impresses even the most hardcore gamer.

MSI’s newest AIO transports gamers into the game through an anti-glare 27-inch Full HD LED touchscreen powered by NVIDIA’s most powerful mobile GPU, the GTX 980M. The LED screen also features MSI’s energy stabilizing technology that prevents flickering and blue light emission, reducing eyestrain and fatigue even in long gaming sessions. For gamers wanting an even more visual experience, the Gaming 27T comes with two HDMI-out ports that supports 2 additional external screens.

“Gamers demand performance and our new the Gaming 27T will leave them breathless with unbelievable graphics, blazing fast speeds, and a mind-blowing sensory experience,” says Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America. “Our Gaming 27T takes AIOs to a new level by focusing on user experience above all.”

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MSI complements the Gaming 27T’s amazing graphics with a variety of cutting-edge components to make gaming even more enjoyable, including Killer Wireless and Killer DoubleShot Pro for blazing online speeds with decreased latency and lag; Nahimic Audio Enhancer, SABRE Hi-Fi DAC, and Audio Boost for a hair raising sound experience, and MSI’s own Gaming Center application for ultimate gaming customization.

The Gaming 27T is now available for $2699.99 at Amazon, NewEgg, Best Buy, and more. For more information on MSI’s entire selection of gaming solutions, including laptops, visit

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