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If you remember, we recently played with the Mionix Keid 20 Gaming Headset from that new European gaming gear company known as Mionix. But that’s only one of the things they make for gamers. The other product they are known for is their NAOS 5000 Performance Gaming Mouse. After checking out their performance gaming headset, it was now time to see what they could do with a performance gaming mouse. Allow me to give you the full take on the NAOS 5000 and where it sits on the food chain of pwnage.

Features and Specifications

The NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse offers many of the same features that other top gaming mice available on the market have. Things such as an ergonomic design augmented by a rubber coating are standard features these days. They make the rodent much easier to grip in those stressful run-and-gun situations.

To maximize the experience, Mionix engineers used a 5040 dpi laser sensor for optimal response time. The laser is supported by S.Q.A.T. which stands for “Surface Quality Analyzing Tool” and ensures maximum accuracy. Since it’s a wired mouse, the response rate is pretty near instant, or at least as fast as you can go. If you can wield your bada$$ sword in game, it’ll likely keep up better than you can.

There is 128KB of integrated memory that stores and manages 3 dpi in-game value settings, 7 programmable buttons, in-game profile switching, and adjustable polling rates on the fly. You can go from knife tossing spec ops to a deadly accurate sniper in just milliseconds.

If colors are your thing, you can choose any one of the six LED colors programmed in to the NAOS as well. That can be kind of cool if your well lit gaming case has a specific theme that you would want to coordinate with.

The NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse Up Close

You know the saying: If you’ve seen one mouse, you’ve seen them all, right? Rarely do I get tired of seeing new mice or gaming peripherals. That doesn’t apply in this particular case either as the Mionix NAOS 5000 is a really, really nice looking mouse. That black rubber coating makes it appear almost completely smooth, almost in a stealth fighter sort of way. It has a nicely balanced ergonomic feel with accents to the casing that help you keep your grip in the heat of battle. The fingers also seem to naturally follow the contours of the main buttons and the casing.

All of the buttons are pretty much in the perfect spot given the shape of the mouse. Very little movement, or adjusting is needed to quickly find them with your finger tips. If anything, the mouse is so smooth, you almost have to make sure you are on the buttons. I would almost suggest some sort of “braille” to allow you to feel the buttons better. Otherwise, each button press is effortless.

Mionix opted to use a braided USB cable instead of the commonly found smooth cable which tends to get kinked, snagged, or cut up. This is similar to what company’s like RAZER have long been doing. The cord can take a beating for much longer and not look worn out in such a short amount of time. Little things like this are worth it and Mionix has you covered here.

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