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Getting Smaller with M-Rock Ozark


Maybe you don’t own a digital SLR and you just want a compact camera bag to protect your point-and-shoot. Maybe you’re considering a secondary bag that can be used to properly protect a lens or two for your DSLR. The smaller M-ROCK 505 Ozark can accommodate both of these needs. It’s big enough to store up to a four-inch lens as well on a much smaller point and shoot body.

At about half the size of the Yellowstone, the 505 Ozark comes with a very similar set of features. You get the weather-resistant material on the outside, proper padding all the way around, and a couple of handy pockets and pouches to stash some of your smaller accessories.


While the Yellowstone has a reverse opening lid, the Ozark is more conventional. You get to the main camera compartment by undoing the buckle on the front. This also gives you access to the small front pocket as well. The lid on the M-ROCK Ozark camera bag has a similar mesh pocket on the inside as the Yellowstone. Also like the Yellowstone, it has that bundle on a bungee for cleaning and weather protection purposes.

If you’re worried about the elements, you will also gain some assurance from the fact that the top lid can be zippered shut, in addition to being closed using the main buckle.

Under the Hood, Enduring the Elements


Still not satisfied with M-ROCK’s ability to protect your camera (or lens) from Mother Nature’s wrath? Located in the front pocket of both the Ozark and the Yellowstone is yet another bundle on a bungee. Unraveling this reveals a protective rain flap that can cover just about everything.

In this way, you should have no trouble bandying around in a Rainforest with your camera in this bag. How you’ll protect your camera while taking pictures, on the other hand, is up to you.

A Strapping Young Lad


You want versatility? The M-ROCK 505 Ozark camera bag has loops, bungee cords, and straps up the wazoo. Flipping around to the back, you’ll find that the belt loop can come apart and be put back together using Velcro. That’s pretty handy.

What about those two straps on the side, you may ask? Well, that’s for one of the hidden secrets that accompany the family of camera bags from M-ROCK. Check out the next page for details.

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