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Whether you are toting around a cheap point-and-shoot or a pricey digital SLR, you want to keep your camera well-protected when you travel. This is not only to avoid damage to your chosen picture-taker, but also a matter of convenience. Having a suitable camera bag can give you just the right access to extra batteries, more memory cards, and so on. It also helps when you can sling something over your shoulder rather than having to hold it in your hand all the time.

Established in January 1995 by Michael Rockwell, M-ROCK aims to provide you with a wide range of camera bags, all of which are built to be functional, user-friendly, and well-built. We take a look at two examples from the M-ROCK camera bag line today: the 511 Yellowstone and the 505 Ozark.

M-Rock Yellowstone for Digital SLRs


Starting with the larger of the two, we find the M-ROCK 511 Yellowstone. While nowhere near as huge as some of those professional photography backpacks, the Yellowstone is large enough to accommodate most digital SLR bodies with up to a four-inch lens attached. You can choose to use it for your point-and-shoot as well, but you’ll likely be left with a fair bit of wiggle room. I can see it being a good fit for certain digital camcorders though.

The version featured here rocks a red and black color scheme, despite its “Yellowstone” moniker. That said, this camera bag is also available in other colors, so you can probably find one to match your wardrobe.


At first, I was inclined to believe that access to main compartment was achieved by undoing the buckle on the front. I was wrong. Undoing the buckle on the front grants you access to the accessory pocket on the front. This is where you’d stash an extra SD card, for example.

Instead, the main compartment is accessed by unzipping the entire top portion. The well-cushioned lid opens in the reverse direction and it comes with a mesh pocket on the interior. Looking into the main camera compartment, you’ll notice heavy padding all the way around, ensuring that your prized DSLR can survive the occasional bump.

You’ll also notice the pair of padded “bridge” style dividers. These can take the weight of the SLR body off of the lens during travel.

Keeping It Clean, Dry, and Under Control


Remember that mesh pocket on the lid? Inside that mesh pocket is a little bundle on a string. If you’d like, you can unravel this bundle and use it as a simple cleaning cloth. Looking through the (brief) provided documentation, though, they recommend that you open up the small cloth and use it to cover your camera before closing the lid. This aids in the weather-resistance of the Yellowstone camera bag.

There are also an abundance of loops all around this camera bag, so you can choose to attach the included shoulder straps in a variety of fashions.

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