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DisplayLink USB-to-DVI Graphics Adapter Review

At the end of the day, I only have one major opinion about this product: I like it! The DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter, which you can find under a number of different brands, is incredibly easy to use and provides for a very convenient way to expand your desktop workspace. It works particularly well with notebooks, because laptops typically do not come with more than one video output. If you look at many laptops with integrated graphics, the only available output is VGA and this can be terribly frustrating when the monitor you want is DVI only.

Pricing will vary somewhat, but I found that the Sewell models were priced at under $150, providing a reasonably priced solution for people who want to expand their workspace and/or output graphics to a larger monitor. I would have liked a slightly more intuitive installation process, especially since this product is largely marketed at the less tech-savvy, but it was still easy enough to do. Performance will naturally not be perfect, but it’s perfectly suitable for most everyday purposes. Gamers need not apply.

DisplayLink USB-to-DVI Graphics Adapter Review

Because it uses a standard USB interface, I can see how the DisplayLink USB Graphics Adapter would be a perfect candidate for a wireless USB application. Whether it be at a trade show or a store display, you can run multiple displays at up to 15 meters away! This is a truly innovative product and I’m sure that with some more development, we’ll see some more power for those gamers in the crowd.


  • Very convenient, easy to use
  • Reasonably priced, considering its convenience
  • Graphics quality is acceptable for everyday use
  • Virtually no configuration needed
  • Very compact form factor


  • May not be powerful enough for gaming, high-end video
  • Running multiple units will surely reduce quality
  • Pricier than equivalent standalone graphics cards
  • Installation lacked confirmation screen

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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