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Test Pattern Performance

Using test patterns generated by software provided by DisplayMate, I was able to point out a couple other things…



Color purity appeared to be fine, but the contrast (1000:1 ratio) could use a little work. The black wasn’t the darkest thing in the world. Also, I noticed some uneven contrast that I did not notice under normal use. This may have been solved with a little tweaking, maybe, but some test screens appeared darker near the top than near the bottom. It’d hardly be worth investing in a monitor calibration apparatus like the X-Rite Colormunki due to the relatively low price of this display. 

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Debranded HP LCD Monitors - Identity Crisis or Real Deal?

Debranding doesn’t get rid of everything HP though. At least one of the screens still had an HP logo on it, giving you at least a little peace of mind that this is still a Hewlett-Packard product under the hood. Even if you are not backed by their customer service or warranty, you are backed by the HP pedigree and the relative quality associated with it. By (mostly) getting rid of the branding on this 20-inch monitor, you effectively gain similar savings as you would get with a no-name or knockoff brand. The refurbished part of the equation saves you even more money.

Considering that the price of the debranded TS-20W7-R is about half of what you’d pay (at list price) for its brand new equivalent, it’s understandable that you’ll put up with some shortcomings. If you need an LCD monitor that is absolutely top-notch with top-tier specs and features, this is probably not the one for you.

Debranded HP LCD Monitors - Identity Crisis or Real Deal?

However, if you’re looking to get tremendous value, a good number of features, and adequate performance for the average user, it is a very bright idea to include debranded and refurbished products as part of your search for an LCD monitor.


  • Great value for a more than adequate monitor
  • Lack of branding is great for anti-consumerism types
  • Integrated stereo speakers with included cables
  • Crisp, bright, and vivid display
  • Unique stand design provides extra storage space


  • Significant visible discoloration from extreme viewing angles
  • Possible risk of dead/stuck pixels
  • Menu buttons are too small and awkward to use
  • Minor cosmetic damage to frame
  • Strange issues with uneven contrast

Overall Rating: 7.0 / 10.0

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