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Case Noise and Extra Cooling Potential Examined

Even with all the fans at full speed, the CM Storm Trooper alone barely produces 20db two feet away. The components created far more noise once they were added to the case. However, most computer cases block some noise which sometimes makes the test system more tolerable. Below you get an idea of how much.

Like any computer case, the Trooper’s venting allows some component noise to escape. Even the HAF X’s big vented side panel can let out component noise. However, with the proper ventilation these two cases provide, the components didn’t really really reach or stay at peak RPMs. The Raidmax isn’t as efficient and the components stayed hot which resulted in higher noise almost the entire time. This is why everyone needs a good premium cooling enclosure.

Quality Control and Attention to Detail

All the materials used as well as the machining and quality of all removable parts was great. The tooless drive trays are very pliable but don’t feel like weak plastic. Coolermaster includes good quality screws as well. Everything fits and looks great in its place. System integrators will definitely want to add this case to their line up given the quality.

The only minor detail that might concern the pickiest of DIY users is that the rubber coating makes the top and front look so elegant and smooth. The finish on the left and right panels isn’t quite as smooth. You can’t tell unless you look more closely. But there is clearly a difference of quality in both.

If you need to clean the rubber coating, I recommend a cleaner meant for the material and not some random caustic chemical cleaner. Mild soap and water should do the trick. Using the right cleaner will ensure the rubber doesn’t get dingy or dry out and peel down the line. For cleaning the top, bottom and front vents, soap and water are definitely recommended in order to get them spic and span.

Final Thoughts

Is the Force Strong with the Trooper? Forgive the pun, but there is no dark side to the Coolermaster CM Storm Trooper premium gaming case. There are quite a few classic features that engineers improved upon like the tool drawer, case fan control and water cooling potential. These are actually useful and work with minimal effort. There are also some new very, creative features like the configurable drive cages which are essentially the premium standard to beat.

I really liked how you can swap cage and air flow direction by only removing a few thumb screws. This is very similar to a feature discovered on the entry levelĀ CM Storm Enforcer previewed earlier in the year. I’m glad they’ve made it even better and more robust in the CM Storm Trooper. The rubberized handle and the unique soft touch finish are also very nice touches.

Cooling performance is right on par with previous generations in stock configuration and slightly better when switching drive cages and adding additional cooling. There’s plenty of potential for managing the hottest components on the planet. Being able to integrate your own flavor of water cooling is just a bonus especially for the hardcore enthusiasts. Given the CM Storm Trooper’s $189.99 US/CA price tag, enthusiasts should be scooping this case up for their current and future builds. It’s definitely priced very competitively with the rest of the pack.

After seeing the features and design finally come together, I really do think Coolermaster has an award winning premium gaming computer case on their hands. Let’s make that recommendation official by tying a solid Editors’ Choice award on it. The CM Storm Trooper has arrived and it’s the one to beat at just under $200.


  • Very nice rubber coated case design
  • Great looking front panel and handle design
  • Plenty of ventilation and cooling
  • Unique, configurable drive cages
  • Full fan and light control
  • Wire management, accessories, board cut out and tooless bays


  • Front tool tray cap could use a little stiffer springs
  • SSD cage seems a little out place

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10.0

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